Typical applications include conveying, induced draft, industrial ovens, and similar high temperature installations to 300°C. For greater safety in explosive environments, spark resistant construction is offered. Lint-free construction, in which housing hardware is reversed to limit obstructions in the airstream, minimizes lint build-up.

Operating Range-

Air flow (capacity) range : 100 CMH to 15000 CMH

Static Pressure Range : 150 mm WC to 500 mm WC

RPM variation : 1450 – 3000

Motor KW : up to 25

Material Of Construction : Mild Steel, Stainless Steel


Rugged steel Housing, Removable bearing brackets, Adjustable motor bases, Flanged outlet, Precision shafts, Four–way gusset, Typical Applications, Material conveying, Dust collection, Oven exhaust, Dryer exhaust