Generally Used As Ventilation Fans/ Gas Exhaust Fans-

Single or double inlet styled fans is very efficient & useful for fresh air supply, ventilation. Impellers are Backward Curved or Backward or forward curved type fans are generally used for clean air duty.

Operating Range-

  • Air flow (capacity) up to 200000 m3/hr
  • Motor Kw up to 150
  • Static Pressure Range up to 150 mm WC
  • Material of Construction Casing :Mild Steel, Stainless
  • Material of Construction Impeller: Mild Steel,Stainless Steel, Aluminium
  • RPM generally use Max. up to 1450
  • Low Noise Level


A low pressure blower is used if the focus is on high air flows and very low pressure. Low pressure blower for industrial applications generates pressures up to 150 mm WC.