Kalsi industries is a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Diesel Burners for Boilers, Industrial Ovens, Furnaces, Heaters and many more industrial applications.

Key features of Diesel Burner-

  • Reliable burner, Premium quality, Outstanding price/performance ratio.
  • Combustion head is designed for high Performance & low emission.
  • Customer friendly controlling system.
  • Fully Automatic Operation-available in single stage/two stage/modulating version.
  • Suitable for HSD, LDO & SKO Oils


    Applications of Diesel Burner-

    Our Diesel Burners are widely used in industrial applications like Boilers, Industrial Ovens, Furnaces, Heaters and many more.

    • Steam Boiler
    • Hot Water Boiler
    • Thermic Fluid Heater
    • Hot Air Generator
    • Incinerator
    • Furnaces
    • Yarn Heat Setting
    • Road Construction Machinery
    • Metal Melting
    • Powder Coating Oven
    • Kitchen & Bakery Oven
    • Air Heater
    • Driers
    • Industrial Ovens
    • Super Heater
    • Ceramic Tiles Furnace
    • Metal Heat Treatment
    • Sizing Machine
    • Farsan & Sweet Furnace
    • Glass Printing & Design
    • Paper Packaging Industry
    • Textile Dyeing & Printing Machinery